Hi, my name is Martin Bory

I'm a freelance WordPress web developer


Web design

On my journey I’ve acquired skills to design you a modern unique responsive website that will stand out among your competitors and will visually tell a story that’s truly yours.

Sometimes I work on projects where i have all the designs already prepared by another designer in all the breakpoints, with animation notes, button's mouse-over states, etc. Other times I’m the one who’s designing the whole visual look of a new website myself. Most of the time it’s something in between.


Websites I develop have clean code, reusable design elements and short page load times. I use as little third-party code (i.e. plugins) as possible to get the web designs up and running. My close companions here are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and of course the WordPress API.

I've been a developer since a long time ago when in elementary school I taught myself the BASICs. Developing a website in WordPress is not a rocket science, but as in any other craft it took me some time and effort to make my work processes systematic and smooth so now I can deliver both fast and in high quality.


Some maintenance is always needed for a website. Most regularly there are WordPress core updates and plugin updates that should be applied as soon as possible in case these are security related. It's also a very good idea to regularly backup your website. A dose of content, design and code updates once in a while can also be part of a maintenance plan.

If you don't have a internal IT person in your company to do this for you, I'm ready to offer you a maintenance plan for your website that will fit your needs perfectly.


Though I don't like too much to dig in other people's code, it happens often that I acquire new customers by helping them fix problems with their current websites. Sometimes this is sufficient and project ends, other times it can evolve into a regular maintenance plan or a decision to build a brand new website.

Dont' hesitate to contact me even though you need only to help troubleshoot and quick fix your current website

Email: martin@yrob.tech
Phone: +420 777 207 917
Skype: martin.bory
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/yrob
Full Name: Martin Bory
Trade Register: Czech Republic (EU)
Business ID: 74772562
VAT ID: CZ7809260899
Billing Address: 11. kvetna 91
26231 Milin
Czech Republic